Bait, Chum and Ice

Chum and Bait

“If You Don’t Smell Like Fish You Aren’t Making Money!” 

The recreational and commericial fishing industry is welcome at Fanci Seafood.

We have assorted baits and related products for you to choose from.

We carry Menhaden Chum that is sold by 7# box or 6×7 case and we also carry a 25# Sardine Chum.

Our baits range from 1,3,5lb Squid, Ballyhoo (rigged or unrigged), Threads, Mahua, Silversides, and more…

We have the best prices in the keys!

 There is small tackle area inside the store where you’ll find chum bags, nets, hooks, weights and related mechandise.

Bulk Ice is also available!!!

50 lbs for $6.00

(bring cooler)

Recreational Special:

When you buy 10 cases of chum your next one is FREE!

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